OSF Opening Weekend 2018: Sense & Sensibility, Destiny of Desire, and Henry V

A strange thing happens when you become a theater nerd of the highest order – you develop a relationship not just with the characters within a play, or even the play itself, but – if circumstances allow – with the theater company as a whole. Every season takes on its own personality, and you find yourself wistfully remembering all the shows that made it what it was – the actors, the plays, the characters, the sets, the costumes, even the weather, and the way that the sky looked.

This is how I mark my visits to Ashland – by the shows that weave themselves into that chapter of my life. And so now I cannot think of Medea/MacBeth/Cinderella without thinking of my brain surgery, and I cannot read Hamlet without feeling rain on my face, and Shakespeare will forever be Bill DeMeritt. Don’t @ me.

It is too early to say what this season

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