Our £10,000 and $10,000 luxury travel contests!

Yesterday we reached a significant milestone – we published our 10,000th blog post.

Yes, you heard that right… it’s taken us almost 14 years to get there, but we now host more than 10,000 articles here on A Luxury Travel Blog!!

And to celebrate this accomplishment, we’re planning on running two very exciting competitions over the coming months.

For our UK readers, we’ll be offering a luxury travel contest with a prize value in excess of £10,000, with the lucky winner receiving luxury travel goodies from a variety of luxury brands and retailers; and for our US readers an equivalent contest with a prize value in excess of $10,000. We already have a number of big names signed up for each of these collaborations, so are very excited to share the details with you soon.

To make sure you are notified when the contests are

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