Over-tourism leads to under-tourism

While ‘over-tourism’ has been a hot topic over the past year, its antidote ‘under-tourism’ has gained momentum in the last few months and we are thrilled! We identify hugely with this new trend as we appreciate that tourist hoards can be off-putting for many, especially the discerning traveller who values exclusive experiences when exploring destinations in style. The concept, which focuses on visiting under-the-radar destinations away from the masses rather than joining the flocks that overrun popular spots in search of the Insta-famous shot, fits neatly with some our absolute favourite countries: namely, Japan, Bhutan and Burma (Myanmar). Read on to let us tempt you to discover these lesser-visited corners of the world for yourself and trade ‘hot lists’ for ‘not hot lists’!

Japan’s countryside

It’s no secret that Japan’s unique landmarks, UNESCO world heritage sites and exquisite arts have attracted many cultural travellers in recent years, but a vast

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