Peoria, Illinois

While we were in Illinois this summer visiting family, we made the trek over to the city of Peoria to watch our niece play in the state softball tournament and hang out a bit with the fam.

This was only a couple of days and we didn’t do a whole lot besides have fun watching some softball, but here we go nonetheless!

Big thanks to the Holiday Inn Express in Morton, IL, for Louis’ welcome treats!

Ang and I got into town before everyone else, so we made a bee-line for Bearded Owl Brewing, which came about after the split of Peoria Brewing Co. (which we visited last year).

My goodness, their beers were so good. Big thanks to Terrance, Shelbi, and Shay for the hospitality!

We also hit up Rhodell Brewery, which I believe is the oldest craft brewery in Peoria. They

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