Peru’s most tranquil luxury retreats

One of South America’s most alluring destinations, Peru’s diverse geography and traditional cultures have been enchanting travellers for decades. Offering some of the continent’s most immersive cultural experiences, striking landscapes, mysterious ruined cities and outstanding cuisine; Peru never fails to impress in terms of unique experiences or luxury accommodations.

Here are some of our favourite luxury hideaways in magical Peru…

Titilaka, Lake Titicaca

Perched on a peaceful and picturesque private peninsula around an hour outside of the chaotic city of Puno, Titilaka Lodge is an exquisite Relais & Chateaux retreat on the shores of the spellbinding Lake Titicaca. This cobalt-blue lake, situated almost 4,000 metres above sea-level, is the cradle of Andean civilisation, where local people believe the creator-god Wiracocha sent the first Incas, Manco Capac and Mama Ocllo, to civilise the region.

The hotel offers a comprehensive full-board experience, providing guests with spacious suites, three gourmet meals

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