Photograph of the week: Donegal Sea Stacks, Ireland

Living along the Donegal coast in the Republic of Ireland are just over 100 lonely rock towers called sea stacks. These isolated sea stacks are found in remote, lonely and dramatically beautiful settings in locations that nature has carved out using thousands of years of endless angry seas, wind and rain. Created by the pounding heart of the Atlantic Ocean as it crashes relentlessly into the sea cliffs along the west coast of Donegal these rock towers stand testament to a time long forgotten. As guardians of our oceans these rock towers live between the moving and the static as they are slowly eroded away by the endless churning of the restless Atlantic Ocean.

County Donegal in the north west tip of the Republic of Ireland is an outdoor enthusiast’s paradise with over 1000km of coastline comprising uninhabited islands, inaccessible storm beaches, tunnels, arches, sea caves and off course

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