Photograph of the week: Driftwood Beach, Jekyll Island, Georgia, USA

Silhouettes of sloping branches decorate the shore as the night sky transforms into a beautiful palette of pinks, blues, and oranges. Overhead, birds dance around each other in unison with the lull of crashing waves, floating effortlessly against the salty breeze… it’s morning on Driftwood Beach on Jekyll lsland.

The beach is named after the ancient driftwood trees that line its shores, whose curling branches mimic the rolling waves that kiss their strong frames each morning. Years and years in the making, the driftwoods are the product of centuries’ worth of erosion, making them forever frozen in a time when the world moved slow. With rich bark contrasting beautifully against the serene seascape of the Atlantic, a visit to Driftwood Beach is truly a whimsical one, and beachgoers can’t help but fall victim to its one of a kind charm every day.

Driftwood Beach is just one of many

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