Photograph of the week: Glencoe, Scotland, UK

Glencoe, in the Scottish Highlands, is beautiful. The kind of beautiful that takes your breath away. But looks can be deceiving. Undoubtedly one of Scotland’s most scenic glens, and even voted Scotland’s most romantic glen, Glencoe is also a land steeped in bloodshed. Treachery. Murder.

It was 5am on the freezing winter morning that was the 13th of February 1692 when a regiment of redcoat soldiers, led by the Duke of Argyll, awoke. After dressing in the dark, they set to murdering their hosts, the Macdonalds of Glencoe, who had welcomed them into their homes and given them shelter for the past 10 days. At the end of what is now known as the Glencoe Massacre, 38 Macdonalds – men, women and children – lay dead. In their beds, in the snow, in the beautiful mountains that surrounded their beautiful glen.

With a history like this, it’s hardly

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