Photograph of the week: Havasu Falls, Grand Canyon

Deep in the Grand Canyon lives the Havasupai People, the sole guardians of the pristine paradise they call Havasu Falls. “Havasu” means “blue-green water”, and “pai” means people in the Havasupai language. As soon as the falls come into sight, it’s easy to see why these indigenous peoples were proud to carry the namesake of their lands.

The falls are found down river from Supai Village, which is a 10 mile trek from the starting point at Hualapai Hilltop. The trek goes over desert sand, rocky paths, eventually intersecting with an oasis of green that follows the Havasu Creek, a tributary of the Grand Canyon, to the Supai Village. Because there is no way to access the village and the falls upon arrival, all supplies must be carried in by foot, donkey, or other mode of transportation.

Trekking to Havasu is a dream come true for backpackers. A permit

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