Photograph of the week: Shanghai, taken from the top of one of the world’s tallest buildings

At last count, 24.1 million people called Shanghai, China, home. This makes it the most populous city in the world. This photo, taken from Jin Mao Tower, gives just a hint of what living in Shanghai might be like. Crowded, to be sure. But also breathtaking in its expanse, both outwards and upwards. There is much to be awestruck by in a city of this magnitude. Especially when seen from high above the madding crowds.

Not without reason was Shanghai once called the ‘world’s most happening city’ by Time magazine. Once a humble fishing village, Shanghai is now a global financial hub, and home to the world’s busiest container port. Sometimes referred to as “the Oriental Paris”, Shanghai is also famous, and popular with tourists, for its blended culture of East and West; its historical landmarks; and its modern, ever-expanding skylines. Speaking of which, the Chinese characters in

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