Photograph of the week: Stegastein viewpoint, Norway

A must-stop for anyone travelling between Oslo and Bergen, Flam sits plum in the middle of UNESCO World Heritage fjord territory. The Stegastein viewpoint, near Flam, offers the best views of those fjords.

Stegastein is likely one of the most photographed viewpoints in Norway, a veritable Mecca for avid Instagrammers seeking selfie-stardom. But don’t let that deter you. It may not be the road less travelled by, but those who never travel this twisting, turning, winding road, littered with spectacular views at every hairpin bend, miss out on, well, spectacular views at every hairpin bend. After all, tourist attractions become tourist attractions for a reason.

The panoramic views at Stegastein are proof of this. They are, quite simply, stunning. And the platform from which you view them is just as stunning in its own right.

Part of the Aurlandsfjellet National Tourist Route that runs from Aurland to Lærdal,

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