Photograph of the week: Tower Bridge, London, UK

Tower Bridge is not London Bridge. (And neither of them are falling down.) In spite of London Bridge being given the fairly dubious honour of starring in that famous English nursery rhyme ‘London Bridge is falling down’, sung the world over, it is undoubtedly Tower Bridge which is the more iconic of the two bridges. Tower Bridge is by far the prettier of the two, and where London Bridge may have the more famous name, it is Tower Bridge that often lays claim to being a stunning symbol of London.

And then, of course, Tower Bridge can boast of being neighbours with that exquisite piece of in-the-know London whimsy: the ‘Girl with a Dolphin’ sculpture.

It would be easy to miss ‘Girl with a Dolphin’ given the dazzling grandeur of Tower Bridge overhead. That would, however, be a mistake. This stunning, delicate piece of art was created in 1973

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