Pilot and Author Erin Seidemann

“Think of how big this world is and how many different things there are to do and to see. Living a full life is trying to do as much as you can and see as much as you can.” ~ Erin Seidemann

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This conversation is with pilot and author Erin Seidemann. Erin and I connected online, probably around the time her book, Postcards from the Sky, came out.

I was intrigued by Erin because I know how rare it is for a woman to be a pilot. Women make up about 5% of all pilots, and that’s been the case since Amelia Earhart’s time.

Interestingly enough, as I was editing this, the History Channel released a photo said to be of Earhart and her navigator. And a new documentary hypothesizes that they were captured by the Japanese when their plane went down

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