Places to Visit in the Western Ghats During Monsoon Season

The monsoon season is perhaps one of the most exciting because it brings with it new life. The atmosphere hangs heavy, laden with raindrops, and the once parched landscapes erupt in a rainbow of verdant tones. Western Ghats During Monsoon Season.

Monsoon in the Western Ghats is particularly beautiful. With vast mountain ranges stretching for over 1600km along the west coast of India, the region is recognised as one of the world’s eight ‘hottest hotspots’ of biological diversity.

Here are a list of places to visit in the Western Ghats during Monsoon season!


A favoured summer retreat, Mahabaleshwar is a picturesque hill station that boasts a number of elevated viewpoints such as Arthur’s Seat. The road trip to reach the town, which is south of Mumbai, is also particularly scenic as it passes through swathes of thick forest, past waterfalls, and aside sheer cliffs. Be sure to visit centuries-old

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