Planning for the future: Great activities to do in Ecuador

Ecuador boasts a vast biodiversity within its territory, allowing travelers to enjoy a wide variety of activities in its different regions which vary from serene beaches, snow capped mountains and volcanoes and the wild ecosystem of the Amazon basin.

Here are some recommendations for a future visit to Ecuador, we are sure you will enjoy it!

Visit a cacao plantation – Guayaquil

Ecuador´s cacao is considered one of the finest of the world because of its deep aroma and flavor. At the plantation, you will see how this famous fruit is grown and processed for shipping to all corners of the world, where it then is transformed into delicious chocolate.

Visit the Ingapirca ruins – Cuenca

Ingapirca is Ecuador’s most important archeological complex. Its structures were built from perfectly carved stones that fit together seamlessly. In the main ruin is the Temple of the Sun, an elliptic structure used

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