Playa del Carmen: A Week of Beaches, Jungles and Mayan Ruins

For someone who does mostly independent travel – sometimes to destinations that aren’t so easy to navigate – all inclusive resorts are kind of my guilty pleasure.

I first started going to resorts on family holidays where we all wanted nothing more than to escape winter, I also spent my honeymoon at a resort in the Caribbean, and these days it’s a bit of a treat because it provides the rest and relaxation from full time travel – which I know sounds like a vacation from a vacation, but trust me, being on the road for months on end can be pretty tiring!

Then back in May, as Sam and I were wrapping up 5 months of solid travel in South America, we got asked if we wanted to work on a fun project called #BarceloStories that would involve filming and hanging out at a resort. With Sam’s love of video and my love

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