Popular Tweets about Thailand in October 2017

The following are my most popular tweets about Thailand for October 2017. They are not necessarily the most retweeted, nor are they in the order of the most retweeted. But they are the ones that got the most engagement on Twitter. The most popular day for my tweets was obviously 26th October, the cremation day for King Buhmibol. My tweets that day had 2.6 million impressions. The most popular tweet on that day had nearly 10,000 retweets.

1. The Bangkok Post did a good job in their graphics department during the Royal Cremation. This one was very popular. 

2. Another popular infographic from the Bangkok Post. This one about the Royal Cremation Processions.

3. This is the moment picturing the cremation of the King Buhmibol.

4. Drones were banned from Sanam Luang during the five day royal funeral. But there were some authorized drone pilots shooting footage.

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