Prague Bartenders (and Monty Python)

Ah, Prague.

Most people I’ve spoken to about Prague have completely fallen under its spell; It’s hard not to. I was told that it would be a tad overhyped, filled with drunken English men on stag parties, and was beautiful beyond imagination. The beauty is true, the stag parties are manageable, and I believe Prague to be sufficiently hyped.

I miss Prague. Every. Single. Day.

I miss Prague for its remarkable castle, the view from Letna park, the delicious brunches (with morning prosecco), the laid back vibe, the history, and the coldest, most mouth watering, perfect beer that has ever passed my lips. Oh my god, the beer.

Perhaps I have rose colored glasses on when it comes to Prague, but I even miss the ridiculous things. I miss the hoards of tourists with selfie sticks on Karlův most. I miss weaving in and out of the crowd as they

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