Preparing for far flung destinations – 8 essentials I never leave home without

Before heading off on any far-flung trip you’re more than likely to have you’ll have a lengthy checklist of things to sort out. From anti-frizz hair serums to travel vaccinations, here are 8 travel essentials I never leave home without…

ORS Humidity Control

I have hair frizziness issues especially when I travel to the Southern Hemisphere. Yep like many people, humidity and my hair don’t mix at all. Enter my life-saver, the ORS Humidity control, a serum which saves hair in humid climates and is specially designed to help control frizz without weighing the hair down. Made with a blend of specialized silicone, essence of Olive Oil, and Abyssinian Oil it’s an organic formula, it hasn’t been tested on animals and there are no nasties either.

Travel vaccinations

When you travel there is literally nothing more important to consider than your health, that’s why it’s absolutely essential to sort

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