Provence in Bloom

While lavender blooms all over France’s southern region, two hours north of Bandol are field upon field of the iconic herb. You have until early July to visit the fields in Provence. From mid-July, you can see the harvest in the Valensole plateau. However, if you what to see the most delicate lavender in bloom just before harvest, you will need to travel to Chateau du Bois before the 15th of June (though their products are available online all year round).

Just as the world is reopening from its gloom, this healing flower will show its colours. It feels like an open invitation to come to see its beauty and breathe its soothing scent. Now is the time to start planning your trip if you want to enjoy the spectacle.

Here we offer a guide to lavender and Provence, two words that are considered almost synonymous.

Why are we

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