Pushing Through: Overcoming Mt. Baloy’s Challenges and Completing the Panay Trilogy

The Kinulitan trail of Mt. Baloy is a narrow path cut through the thick wild plants called ‘lagiwriws’ or ‘ragiwriws,’ which cover the entire area. The leaves are like of pandan plant but the branches are long, entangled, and crawling like vines. It offers a tremendously thrilling experience! The Kinulitan trail was established by AMSI (Antique Mountaineering Society Inc.) with Talahib Eco Trekeers and guides from Barangay Busog, Valderrama, Antique in 2015.

“The Saga of Mt Baloy”

Mt Baloy (7,049ft) or Baloy-Daku (the Greater) straddles over three provinces in Panay Island – Iloilo, Capiz and Antique. Two major factors – isolation and dense forest cover – contribute to make up for its moderate elevation to gain the status of a very difficult peak in the Philippines. The two attempts (the second was in 1994) by the Antique Mountaineering Society (then led by an old-timer and stalwart, Baby Gallego) in the west or Antique side failed due to the depletion of water supply, a very scarce commodity in that side. Struggling in Karatagan in the east or Iloilo side, the Iloilo Mountaineering Club led by Fred Tayo (another stalwart and old-timer) had to make also two attempts to be able to finally scale

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