Putting safety first: The Aruba Health & Happiness Code

As travellers anxiously wait for the starting gun to be fired on the international tourism kick-start, Aruba is introducing a stringent plan to ensure the safety of visitors.

The tourism-dependent Dutch Caribbean island-nation has put into place the Aruba Health & Happiness Code, a strict cleaning and hygiene certification programme that will be mandatory for all its tourism-related businesses. Simultaneously, a number of the island’s major hotels are introducing their own carefully-planned health and safety initiatives. The island is provisionally planning to open to international visitors from June 15.

The Aruba Health & Happiness Code certification will provide assurance that each business has taken every measure to offer a safe environment for staff and guests. The certification seal of approval will be displayed prominently on all tourism related businesses, and the certified businesses will also be found on the Department of Public Health website.

Aruba’s health and safety protocols

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