Quarantining under the Northern Lights

Last night’s surprise Northern Lights were breathtaking. The KP index showed low activity and it was forecast to be quite cloudy. And yet, in the middle of night, they appeared over Reykjavik, drowning out the sporadic street lights.

It got me thinking.

In Iceland right now, you need to do a test on arrival, quarantine for 5 days (though you are allowed to go for isolated walks) and then do a second test before being allowed to travel freely. To many, this is a good reason not to come to Iceland just yet. After all, who wants to be stuck indoors for the first 5 days of your holiday? Well actually, if you pick the right quarantine friendly hotel you could well be treated to the Northern Lights each night and tranquil nature walks each day. You will still need to wait until quarantine is over before you can for

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