Random pictures: the ‘exploring Croatia’ edition

As always, random picture posts cover some of the fun scenes and places that haven’t or won’t get featured in a post of their own. See more random picture posts here.

A tribute to the fallen tooth — as you might guess, it’s located just outside a dentist’s office.

A quick peek at the local supermarket, which makes you wonder what makes the imports worth over three times the local brand…

Not sure I’ve ever seen an angry (mischievous?) salt shaker before.

One of the reasons I love Europe: the chocolate selection at your average supermarket. This is just a third or so of what’s available here, by the way.

Sure, anyone can buy the classy bottles of wine, the ones that come in glass bottles… Some additional options come in vegetable-oil-shaped bottles of the 2 liter variety — and the most expensive of the three is

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