Random pictures, the ‘what the Florida’ edition

Oh, Florida – you haven’t ceased to amaze me yet.

As usual, Random Pictures posts feature shots that haven’t (or won’t) make it into other posts, but are too good to keep to myself.

Let’s start with a classic, one you’ll see as you’re driving along the I-4 highway: the Airstream Ranch. An octet of chrome trailers sticks out from the ground as a tribute to the open road… which makes perfect sense to me… There’s an exit immediately after the ranch if you want to get a different look, but be aware the best look is from the expressway.

For those unaware, the original Hooters was founded here in Florida – specifically, along Gulf to Bay Boulevard in Clearwater. Another Hooters not too far away claims to hold the World’s Largest Chicken Wing (which hangs from a rooftop patio inside the restaurant).

Looks like I’m going for a ride…!

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