Random pictures: the ‘Zagreb street art’ edition

It’s not political like the street art in South America, but it’s still wonderfully colorful. Have a look.

Walk along Ulica kneza Branimira (or ride along half a dozen trams) for plenty of graffiti / street art. This single wall has dozens of pieces along hundreds of meters:

A nice orderly look at pieces…

Maybe a little less orderly here… The tags ruin it a little, but there’s still some nice pieces here.

Love the pixelated picture. And the monkeys, though I have no idea if there’s a political message here.

Even though you’re several blocks from the train station and Zagreb’s prettier older town, it does feel a little industrial.

Iconic Renaissance art, turned street art, complete with the painters. I would’ve loved to see this one complete, but the unfinished look is a lot of fun as well.

On the outside of a

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