Recipe of the week: Banana mille-feuille

There are few desserts with a pedigree as illustrious as the mille-feuille. Since the 18th century the pastry, translated as “thousand-sheets” has been adopted and adapted by many cultures. In Italy it is savory, filled with spinach, cheese or pesto. In Latin America, guava paste and coconut flakes are popular. Whatever the country – Sweden, Greece, South Africa – whatever the ingredients – seeds, chocolate, jam or whatever the name – cream slice, mille foglie, Crèmeschnitte, mille-feuille is a beloved and familiar site in any pastry shop the world over.


Coconut macaroon
Corn syrup
Coconut milk
Vanilla ice cream


For the coconut tuiles

2/3 cup sugar, 2 cups coconut macaroon, 3 eggs. Mix the sugar and the coconut together then add the eggs and combine thoroughly. At this point you can put the tuile batter in tightly sealed container and refrigerate for up to five days. To make the tuiles

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