Recipe of the week: Black mussels in tomato, coconut milk and lemongrass sauce

Mussels are a fantastic adventurous dish because of their delicious flavor, affordability and simple cooking requirements. You can find fresh black mussels for about $5 per pound. This recipe calls for about $12 worth of this sea treasure. When shopping for mussels, make sure they are kept over and under ice, and that their shells are glistening with moisture. Dry shells on the outside are a good indication that the shellfish is bad. Mussels can live out of water for a few days, but they should be kept well-chilled and stored in a breathable environment.

It’s also always recommended to shop for seafood sustainably, by purchasing fish that has been harvested in an eco-friendly manner, using appropriate fishing methods (harpooning, hook and lining, trolling, etc.). A blue MSC label will let you know that your fish is sustainable. Since the seafood that is considered sustainable changes regularly, check the

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