Recipe of the week: Pomegranate and roasted delicata squash salad

What better way to brighten up the winter months than a fresh salad featuring delicious and hardy chicories? This colorful dish is piled high with in-season goodies like roasted delicata squash, pistachios, and pomegranate and while it looks fancy and complicated, it’s actually quite simple to recreate at home. It’s equally perfect on a holiday table or paired with a simple protein any night of the week. Delicata squashes are a Thanksgiving cook’s dream come true: seasonal, delicious, and so versatile. This salad just might steal the show at your Thanksgiving feast, and for good reason. Glittering pomegranate arils and golden squash taste just as gorgeous as they look. The process of peeling and chopping hard winter squash is no easy task, which adds to the appeal of delicata squash. As its name suggests, it’s smaller and has a more delicate skin than many of its seasonal sisters. When cooked,

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