Recipe of the week: Salmon belly ceviche with cornbread biscotti

While many people think of Spain when it comes to ceviche, the origin of the dish is actually Peru, where it is considered a national dish. The technique of chopping and mixing raw fish and meat in vinegar, citrus, and spices was brought to the Americas from Spain. This creative recipe turns ceviche on its head. Ceviche normally uses a firm to semi-firm white-fleshed fish like grouper, sole, or mackerel. This recipe instead utilizes the leftover trim or belly of fresh salmon. Not only is Salmon Belly perfect for this recipe, but it’s also a cut that can often be sourced at your local fish market for much less than premium cuts. Ceviche is a perfect dish for utilizing these leftover pieces. This recipe features avocado, lime, hints of mint and orange, and a kick of jalapeno. The secret to Ceviche is to let the lime

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