Recipe of the week: Tomato tartar

A Swiss dish with a Mediterranean flair, tomato tartar is inspired by the flavors found around Lake Maggiore, which borders both Switzerland and Italy. While most people think of a heavy cheese fondue, pasta or pizza when hearing about Swiss or Italian food, tomato tartar is a refreshing and light vegetarian option.

This recipe uses four different kinds of tomatoes (Ramati, Datterini, San Marzano and cherry), fresh basil, shallots, fennel, carrots, mushrooms and other herbs such as tarragon. It can be recreated at home, somewhat easily, giving everyone the opportunity to eat like they’re at a high-end restaurant in Europe.

The slow cooking of the tomatoes in the oven gives the dish the texture of a traditional tartar and lets the flavors of the vegetables come through in a unique and unusual way. For those who want to make the dish vegan, it’s very simple to substitute the sour

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