Recipe of the week: Vietnamese glazed Royal Red Shrimp with spicy green apple slaw

This dish highlights the sweet flavors of the Royal Red Shrimp by contrasting it with the spicy glaze and slaw. The fish sauce, garlic and chilies make it especially pungent and well rounded. This appetizer is the perfect combination of contrasting flavors and textures – crispy and crunchy, hot and cold, tart and spicy all work well together in this dish that can be prepared year-round. Royal Reds look like huge shrimp but taste more like a combination of lobster and scallops. With a texture similar to shrimp, they are known for their rich, buttery flavor that has a touch of brininess to it. Although larger than shrimp, surprisingly they require a bit less cooking time, so make sure not to overcook their delicate meat. Although Royal Reds are a firm favorite, if they are not available, you could substitute them with White Gulf Shrimp.

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