Remembering Wildlife

Remembering Wildlife By on Apr 26, 2022 in Africa, Books, Regions, Travel Equipment, Travel Literature

Margot Raggett gave up a career as CEO of a London PR company and went to Africa to follow her love of wildlife photography. But her path changed in 2014, when she was in Kenya and came across a poached elephant. Margot was so deeply affected by this, that she was determined to do something about it. She spent months persuading some of the world’s best wildlife photographers to each donate a photograph she could include in what she planned would be ‘the most beautiful book on a species ever seen”, the sale of which would raise funds for elephant conservation. The book, Remembering Elephants, was launched in 2016. Five years of ‘camera-derie’ and five books later, the Remembering Wildlife fundraising photography book series, has raised over $1.1 million for conservation,

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