Responsible travel: 10 tips to reduce and offset your carbon footprint

By on Nov 14, 2019 in Travel Miscellany

I am passionate about both exploring AND protecting our planet.  I revere the Earth in an authentic way that honours the gifts nature bestows upon us.  Nature has the power to heal and restore human beings.  Or, as Shakespeare so poetically put it, “Nature has music for those who listen.”  This deep respect for the planet in many ways motivates me to create immersive experiences in the last remaining wild corners of the world.

Travel, however, presents an interesting ethical dilemma.  How can we enjoy the raw call of the wild while also preserving the planet’s resources?  Given the substantial environmental impact of flying, driving, and using heavy vehicles to go off-road – how can we act in ways that minimize our carbon footprint, yet also enjoy the experience of ‘rewilding?’

These 10 tips will help you learn how

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