Revel in Brazil’s joy for life as part of your next trip

It’s said that Brazilians will find ways to express their joy for life and their passion for celebration within everything they do – via music, dance and food, and even through sport – and visitors to Brazil cannot help but be caught up in this infectious party spirit.

Brazil is a spectacular ethnic mix of 208 million people is a place of diversity joined in one national identity and when you think of Brazil, you can’t help but to start to hum a tune.  Influenced by African, European and Amerindian forms, original Brazilian musical styles such as samba and bossa nova continue their prominent cultural relevance not only in Brazil, but internationally.  Every weekend, local samba schools meet, with young and old dancing to the resonating beat of samba drums.  You can even find some spas in Brazil that offer a massage to the hypnotic rhythm of bossa nova.

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