Review: Brighton i360, Sussex, UK

Once Brighton was renowned for horizontal piers, three of them, stretching out towards a horizon where blue sky merges with blue seas. Now Brighton has a vertical pier reaching for the sky. The i360, royally opened by Prince Phillip in the summer of 2016, is a futuristic UFO-like addition to Brighton’s historic bucket-and-spade shoreline.

Incredible engineering

A decade in planning – but just 10 weeks to construct the central slender tower – 17 ginormous cans were imported by barge from Holland, joined together by 1336 bolts. Though, the entire project, including extensive foundations, took 25 months.

Visionary design has created an 18 metres diameter glass pod, with 360-degree views, that is both a lift and a viewing gallery for up to 175 passengers.

In geometric terms the pod is an oblate ellipsoid. Rising 138 metres it gives uninterrupted panoramic views. Though to locals

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