Review of the Air Tricorder, a Portable AQI Sensor

The ongoing smog situation in Thailand has made people more aware of the quality of the air that they breathe. Just because you cannot always see it, it doesn’t mean that the air is clean. Some dust particles are smaller than a single hair. It’s these ones that can seriously damage your health. In order to check the air, you need an air quality monitor. In particular one that can check for PM2.5 particles.

As you are probably aware, I bought a Mi Air Purifier 2 last month (see review here). Then last week I came across an AQI sensor that had been made at Makerspace Thailand in Chiang Mai. They call themselves a “prototyping and product design center”. Click here for their Facebook page. Anyway, as I have an interest now in knowing about air quality, and as I am always keen on supporting entrepreneurs, I decided to straight

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