Road Tripping Around Taiwan – 2 Week Itinerary + Reflections

Added by on August 5, 2017

We had initially planned to visit Taiwan on our first big backpacking trip in 2012 but we just didn’t quite make it there. We had spent 2 months in it’s rougher around the edges neighbor, China, but didn’t set foot in Taiwan until 4 years later.

I’ll save you the suspense – I loved it there, I loved it when I was there, and now that I’m not, I look back on my time there fondly.


Taiwan has a ton to offer for everyone. From large cities with restaurants specializing in all cuisines, bars, clubs to museums and historical sites. You will still find traditional night markets all over the island where you can rub elbows with locals while ordering the specialties of that region. As you get out of Taipei and drive around the island you will discovere national

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