Sagres, Portugal

Yes, another Portugal post. Yes, I know you never get tired of them. We’ve been to Portugal so much recently that it might feel a bit repetitive to see all these posts on the blog. But, you know what? It’s our blog and it’s about what we do. So there!

I dunno. It’s fine. All is fine. Right? Right! So, we went back to the chin of Portugal aka Sagres when my sister and brother-in-law – Heidi and Ben, respectively – came to visit earlier this year.

As we’ve posted about it a few times, I’m going to skip most of the narrative and just share some pictures. Cool with you? You can check out all of our other southern Portugal posts right here as well. Yay!

Had to stop for food, first and foremost, so we hit up the lovely A Sagres in town, as we usually

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