Scotland’s Callanish Neolithic Stone Site Leaves a Lasting Impression

I have been writing a sport and travel blog for some time now. I  write about disability and how that never stops me living a healthy lifestyle and participating in outdoors sports. I write about my motivation in the hope that I can inspire and encourage others.

Through cycling and walking I have travelled across Scotland and achieved things I never thought possible.

Last year I cycled the length of the Outer Hebrides from Barra to Lewis. The 186 miles took me 5 days amidst a mixture of beautiful and tricky weather. It was an inspiring trip and I saw sights that were quite amazing. Without doubt, the most amazing place I visited on my journey was Callanish.  This neolithic stone circle on the west coast of Lewis is a remarkable sight in more ways than one. Its shear scale is breathtaking, but its significance and purpose have baffled archaeologists for

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