See Africa from a different perspective on a boat-based safari

Most people, when they think of a safari, will picture themselves on a 4×4 safari vehicle, driving across the plains or down dusty tracks. However, there is another, and more unique, way to view the wildlife, and that is from aboard a boat from the middle of a river or waterway.

The main photographic opportunity this affords is the wholly different perspective of viewing the wildlife. From a vehicle, you are normally higher up and looking down onto the animal (unless of course you are watching a leopard in a tree with a kill!) – from a boat, you are on the same eyeline as the animal as it comes to the waters edge to drink. Also, from an aesthetic view too, you are facing the animal head on rather than viewing it from behind!

Houseboats on the Chobe River

The Chobe National Park is most famous for its elephant

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