See the Florida castle built with aluminum printing plates – Destination: Solomon’s Castle

Let’s get this out of the way: Solomon’s Castle is in the middle of nowhere, Florida. You’ll need to make a special effort to reach a very special place.

Presented as Howard Solomon’s ‘dream turned reality’, this castle is the story of a inventive, brilliant man. He passed away in August 2016, leaving this creative and colorful destination for his family to run. They’re already doing so, and despite the loss his legacy will live on.

After paying for your tickets, you may find yourself waiting a short time for the tour to start. They don’t run at set times, just when there’s enough people to form a group. Ours only had a handful, so you may not need to wait long. You can’t leave me outside a castle and tell me not to wander, though!

Nothing quite as romantic as a heart over a cannon, seen just

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