See the lion, save the lion

As the world prepares for Disney’s highly-anticipated, live-action remake of The Lion King, I can’t help but reflect on Africa’s most iconic species. The king of the jungle’s reign comes under greater threat with each passing year, yet this sad fact remains relatively overlooked. Just several decades ago, 450,000 lion ruled Africa’s savannahs; now the number has dwindled to 20,000.

Thankfully, vital conservation work on private reserves has greatly improved the protection of the lion. By choosing to take a safari at a camp on these conservancies, often in blissful privacy and comfort, you are contributing to the ongoing survival of these majestic cats and many other endangered animals.

Great Plains Conservation owns a number of camps on private reserves across Africa and has founded a project specifically aimed at lion conservation. Land for Lions, along with its annual cycling safari component, Ride for Lions, is

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