See the teeny, tiny place where four men lived underwater — Destination: the Man in the Sea Museum

For centuries people have been exploring and working underwater. At the Man in the Sea Museum, it’s time to enjoy some of those stories.

Panhandle Florida is a lighter on the weird stuff than the peninsula, but the Man in the Sea Museum is a delightful place to see as you head west from Panama City. Look for the bright red SEALAB 1 as you’re driving down the highway (but be aware you’ll need to be slowing down before you see it or it’ll be hard to make the turn!).

The SEALAB  1 sub was the 1st undersea habitat established in 1964. A tropical storm forced the crew of four men to decompress earlier than expected, but it was still one for the record books: Humans lived more than 50 meters underwater for 11 days. It was restored in 2014, and has been open to tourists since.

The SEALAB program was

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