Segways, Safaris and Sidecars: 3 Unique Ways to Experience Stellenbosch

After a week in Stellenbosch and visits to a total of 9 wineries, I have to say, Stellenbosch knows how to keep things interesting!

One of the first things that struck me about Stellenbosch’s vineyards is the fact that they are very innovative in terms of how they showcase their wines. Over the course of our stay, we visited wineries that offered unique wine and dessert pairings, wineries that combined wine and art, and wineries that allowed us to create our own blends.

You’d think that a week of vineyard hopping would get repetitive, but on the contrary, every day we had something new to look forward to and no two wineries felt the same.

Today I’m continuing with that theme of unusual winery tours by highlighting 3 fun ways to experience Stellenbosch’s vineyards, because it turns out, you can get around via segways, safari-vehicles and sidecars.

Now let’s roll!

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