Seville, Spain: January 2018

Happy New Year! I know it’s already February, but I can’t really write a round-up of our January before the end of the month, now, can I? =P As noted in my Seville December post, I’ve decided that it’s a good idea to write about our more “mundane” lives as well. The lives we live when we’re not traveling, what we do when we’re “home,” etc.

Some months are more busy and exciting than others, and January was much more chill than December. We spent the beginning of the month in Portugal with my sister and brother-in-law, and you’ll see some of those posts later.

After that, we really did a lot of hanging out, relaxing, and getting various personal things done. So, there’s not a whole lot to share from January. Alas, we did do things here and there, and have photos for you!

We started out the

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