Seville, Spain: Winter 2018-2019 Part 1

Hey all! As noted in my last postlast post, I’m trying to catch up and keep up with our daily lives here in Seville, Spain. You’re not going to find a lot of touristy sights and such, but you can always check all of our Spain postsall of our Spain posts to see some of those.

So yeah! Here’s a roundup of various photos from this winter, from November through the New Year. Enjoy!

Hanging with our buds at the craft bar and restaurant, Viriato Guevara & Lynch

Stopping along the river for some morning shots during my run (ugh!)…

We finally made it to the tap room of Cervezas Río Azul, which is way out east in the city. They have a fantastic spot, and Eloy and his crew are doing amazing things for the craft beer scene here.

I made

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