Short stay: Hotel Indigo Bath, Somerset, UK

Short stay: Hotel Indigo Bath, Somerset, UK By on Aug 06, 2022 in Accommodation, Attractions, Europe, Featured, Going Out, Hotels, Regions, United Kingdom, Western Europe

Hotel Indigo Bath constantly reminds guests that they are staying in a city whose elegant pedigree stretches back into history. Back past Georgian glory through to the days of centurions enjoying bacchanalian feasts by the baths. Every room in this 166 room hotel has its own distinct dimensions and style.

From the vaulted rooms and suites in the converted stables through to literary themed hideaways in the attic. After four years of careful curation, Hotel Indigo Bath arose from nine Grade 1 listed houses on Bath’s fashionable South Parade. Opened in 2020, the hotel speaks of both Georgian grandeur and contemporary luxury.

As a tribute to John Wood the Elder, who designed the mellow Bath stone terrace in the

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