Sights and Sounds of Wonderful Florence

Having an amazing time in Florence boils down to a few things. There are museums and neighbourhoods to visit, and things to do that the locals do each day. There are always new and exciting things to discover in Florence, which is why every time you’ll visit you’ll never feel as if you scratched the surface. Rich in history and culture, Florence was actually voted best city in Europe in 2015.

Here are some wonderful things you can see and do in Florence to really take in the city:

Climb the Duomo and Bell Tower

Just 476 stairs up and you’ll be able to marvel at the architectural wonders and gape at the frescos by Giorgio Vasari, lining the interior of the dome. From here, you’ll get panoramic views of the whole city. However, climbing the bell tower opposite is another option, as you will be able to get a

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