Sign a petition to urge convenience stores and supermarkets to charge for plastic bags

One of the biggest complaints many of us have are with convenience stores like 7-Eleven that give you plastic bags, straws and spoons for literally everything. Even if you don’t want it. No, I don’t need a plastic straw for my bottle of beer. I am not a kid. No, I don’t need a plastic bag for my bottle of water. I am going to drink it straight away. No, I don’t need a separate plastic bag for everything. You can just put it in one plastic bag, which incidentally I will re-use in my home later. Actually, to be fair to the clerks at my local convenience store, they are getting the message as they no longer automatically put my goods in a plastic bag. But, now it is time for us to put pressure on the owners of these convenience stores, supermarkets and department stores

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